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Rural Farming
  • Category: Agriculture & Transport
  • Volume:
  • Country: Sierra-Leone
  • Short description: Rural Farming-Sierra Leone Ltd is registered with the Corporate Affiars; the Registrar Generals Office; the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; and the Pujehun District Local Council as an Agricultural Business Company with mandate to grow and sell agricultural products, support community development work and create jobs for women and youths in its operational areas. Background to Project Intervention Soro Gbema, the project chiefdom and Seima village where this project will be implemented are located in the Pujehun district, Southern province of Sierra Leone. With a population of 429,574 (Mid-term census 2021). 70% of this population are farmers who are very poor with an annual incomes below 1,000 Euro . Farmers are the targeted chiefdom are affected by a number of factors such as: a. High rates of post-harvest and processing loss; b. lack of machinery and training to process and package rice and cassava into forms demanded by the local market; c. weak/unavailability of financial opportunities to support processing and marketing efforts; and d. Weak/uncoordinated structure to link processed rice and cassava products to National and International markets. The above situations has kept farmers’ incomes small, thus preventing them from providing collateral to a financial institution so they can receive a loan, purchase materials and transition from subsistence farming to economically and commercially active farming. Rural Farming is seeking support to construct stores and equipped with processing machines, train farmers in machine operations, food processing, packaging and labeling, financial management, and link them with off takers of rice and cassava products in large scale. The goal of the intervention is to stimulate a viable upstream agribusiness sector in Seima and Soro Gbema chiefdom in order to promote economic diversification, food security, sustainable employment opportunities and improved livelihoods for farmers in the area and community in particular.
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Modular Housing BAKO House GmbH
  • Category: Housing
  • Volume: 43 Mio. €
  • Country: Dem. Rep. Congo
  • Short description: Bako Haus GmbH is a German start-up founded on 28.02.2022 in Neumarkt/Oberpfalz/Bavaria. The main objective of the company is to build houses and settlements including modern infrastructure in Africa. The first settlement is planned to be built in Kinshasa/Dem. Rep. Congo. Why Kinshasa? The metropolis in the Congo is a vibrant megacity, for which studies predict that starting from today's 15 million inhabitants, around 21 million inhabitants will live there in 2030! Housing demand is very high, with an estimated 143,000 units per year in 2018. Investments in the construction industry are already yielding good returns in Kinshasa in the last years. Bako Haus will capitalize on these huge market opportunities. With the use of concrete modular construction technology, Bako Haus GmbH intends to build up to 8000 houses in 10 years. Bako Haus's business and financial plans are the result of 4 years of market analysis both in Kinshasa and in Germany. The marketing strategy of Bako Haus GmbH focuses on the digital affinity of the population of Africa locally and abroad. Members of the AktivSenioren Bayern e.V. (, an association of former managers have provide a decisive support in every step of the development of Bako Haus up to its establishment last February 2022. A feasibility study to review the plan of Bako Haus GmbH is pending and will be carried out by a German modular technology plant manufacturing company that has successfully supported the implementation of a similar housing project in South America. Details of the study can be discussed with interested investors. Building houses is an indispensable answer to the rapidly growing population of Africa. Bako Haus GmbH is seeking for investors to support its objective that is in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has a high social impact.
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