Our philosophy

The network that connects entrepreneurs, founders, investors, sponsors, Africa enthusiasts and development and rating experts. We support projects with high social and environmental impact - from the idea to realization.


We are convinced that Africa is a continent of opportunities – with a young population, great entrepreneurial spirit and a vibrant startup-scene.

The image is a continent of corruption, crises and catastrophes that is still widespread in Europe is grossly distorted.

Numerous countries have made astonishing progress in recent years and matured into highly attractive destinations for investors. Africa therefore needs no handouts or raised forefingers, but positive impulses.

Investments are the best development aid

We believe that investments in local projects, startups and enterprises are the best development aid, because they create jobs and contribute to building value chains. That’s why we are connecting founders, entrepreneurs and project initiators with financiers.

In their book:  “Africa First! Roadmap for a joint future”, AFN initiator Martin A. Schoeller and journalist Daniel Schönwitz show how we can mobilise European capital for infrastructure development in Africa – as a foundation on which investment and entrepreneurship can flourish.

After the EU has launched such an infrastructure program („Global Gateway“), it’s now time to promote entrepreneurial investments. So AFN is, so to speak, an initiative to put ideas into action.





About us

The Africa First Network is an alliance of people who share the same conviction:  We believe that Africa and Europe can only master the challenges of the future together. That’s why we want to promote cooperations between the continents.

In concrete terms: We’re building bridges between the European capital market and the economy in Africa by bringing founders, entrepreneurs and project developers together with professional financiers. And we promote the dialogue between investors from both continents to strengthen cooperation.

Our network includes experienced entrepreneurs as well as investors, economists, Africa enthusiasts and development and rating experts. Together, we want to pave the way for investments that pay off for both sides – not only financially, but also in terms of social and environmental impact.

The Africa First Network supports commercial projects with high impact – from the idea to realization (“make it happen”). We support: from Europe to Africa, from Africa to Europe, but also just within.

We have our own capabilities along the value chain and we also connect people with partners from our network.




  • Pre-evaluate projects by assessing business models and business plans
  • Review financing needs and structures as well establishing contacts to equity and debt financiers incl. state-owned banks like KfW
  • Secure non-financial support through long established network in Africa and resilient contacts into European Development Institutions
  • Support in building and expanding the business, potentially through identifying industrial partners in Europe
  • Attract potential management and other resources
  • Identify exit routes for companies expanding internationally


We qualify and select according to our competences and capacities.

We get compensated largely on success at competitive rates.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: info@africafirst.net



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