Martin Schoeller

Entrepreneur, European, Africa Enthusiast

Martin Alexander Schoeller

Martin A. Schoeller is a family entrepreneur, honorary consul of Togo and initiator of the Africa First Network. With the Africa First Foundation and as a founding member of the Off-Grid Water Alliance, he has been promoting innovative desalination and water irrigation projects for years. He is also committed to closer cooperation between Africa and Europe.

Since Martin Schoeller worked as a factory manager in Brazil in the early 1980s, he has been intensively focusing on the causes of poverty in the southern hemisphere. He is convinced that the social market economy is capable of ending extreme poverty.

In the book “Africa First! Roadmap for a joint future”, he outlined a new development and trade policy (“investing instead of helping”). With the Africa First Network, he wants to promote investment in Africa and help create fairly paid jobs and strong value creation chains.



The Schoellers and Africa

The Schoellers’ affinity for Africa runs in the family: Martin Schoeller’s great-grandfather Max (1865 to 1943) was a renowned explorer of Africa. His study and expedition trips at the end of the 19th century took him to Egypt, Uganda and what was then Rhodesia, among other places.

With his dedication to Africa – among other things he is a Honorary Consul of Togo and initiator of the Africa First Foundation – Martin Schoeller is thus continuing a family tradition. You can find further information at:


Our goals and values

Social Market Economy

The European Economic model is the shortest way to broad prosperity.

Fair wages

Social standards and minimum wages are essentiell to defeat poverty.


Founders and Entrepreneurs are they key for real development.

Trade at Eye Level

Trade with Africa should not maximize volumes but minimize poverty.


Africa and Europe share a common destiny with great potential.

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