University of Regensburg, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and Thomas Dehler Foundation invite you to a webtalk from the “Focus on Security Policy” series.


What are the causes of the problems in African countries and regions? How big a role do Beijing and Moscow really play on the continent? And: What can the West, and Europe in particular, do to get Africa on its side on issues such as the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the Middle East conflict?


These and other questions will be discussed by Prof. Dr. Stephan Bierling from the University of Regensburg and Dr. Arne Perras, long-time Africa correspondent for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and an intimate expert on the continent.


Event: Africa in the crosshairs: How China and Russia are pushing out the West


Time and location: March 20, 19 to 20.00 CET, Webtalk


Further information & registration:!/Veranstaltung/QLX9Z


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