A warm welcome to Sheila von Hoerner, Charles Mugarura and Oni Oviri.


Our network is growing: We are very pleased to have “recruited” three exciting personalities as AFN ambassadors. Sheila von Hoerner is a renowned economist with expertise particularly in the field of renewable energies. Born in Uganda, she studied in Scotland and the USA and has lived in Kenya and Egypt, among other places.

Sheila is an experienced partner to those seeking to invest in the renewable energy sector in Africa. Her latest venture is the establishment of a facility for waste-based insect farming in Uganda to produce a local and sustainable source of animal feed.

Charles Mugarura is a social entrepreneur and the Founder of Broadfield Enterprises Uganda (BEU), based in Kampala. BEU’s focus is on creating and implementing innovative climate change adaptation strategies using the permaculture ethics and principles for sustainable and resilient agroecosystems.

Experts for local value and supply chains

Charles is also active for the togocashews team: The Cologne-based social enterprise produces organic cashews in Africa and builds and expands local value chains for this purpose. The network includes around 6,000 small farmers from Togo, Burkina Faso and Uganda.

Another new ambassador is the logistics, trade and supply chain expert Oni Oviri. She is the founder and Director of Sasare Associates, a platform to continue the transfer of knowledge and to help develop and build business supply chains in sub-Saharan Africa.

Oni has co-authored a number of papers for international journals on the subject of boosting trade with sub-Saharan Africa. She also has considerable political experience working on campaigns and missions in Europe and Africa.

For more information, please visit our board and supporters website or Onis and Charles LinkedIn accounts.

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